Massage, Beauty Therapies & Treatments

Massage, Beauty Therapies & Treatments


A Delightful Oriental Ceremony

Ancient Indian treatment using warm aromatic oils, applied in a series of delightful massage techniques that vary in intensity and depth. Sensational and energy balancing, this modeling of the whole body offers inspirations from exotic, smoothening and rejuvenating rituals.

Massage, Beauty Therapies & Treatments


A profoundly relaxing, nourishing as well as pleasurable form of healing, involving touch, harmonic movement and energy, qualities long associated with good health and well-being.


A rhythmic massage that opens all senses and has a stunning calming effect on the neuromuscular system, restoring energy and maintaining the body s natural balances. This holistic treatment combines Eastern and Western techniques including Reflexology, Joint Release and Acupressure.

Massage, Beauty Therapies & Treatments


A unique body approach of gentle, rhythmic movements consisting of penetrating compressions, soft elongations and a pleasurable rhythmic rocking that send resonating ripples throughout the body. It releases tensions through effortless movement and reconnects you with your body’s natural sensations.

Massage, Beauty Therapies & Treatments


A deep massage using warm organic oils that releases muscle tension and melts away stiffness in the back, shoulders and neck. A thorough sequence of stimulating and energy pressure techniques, which restore harmony and freedom in an extensive back treatment.

Massage, Beauty Therapies & Treatments


Ultimate Foot Ritual

The soles of the feet contain energy points that correspond with each area or function of the body. By massaging and stimulating the reflex points of the feet and lower legs with specific pressures and various thumb, finger and hand techniques, the natural flow of energy throughout the body is restored, leaving your released feet with a generous and refreshing feeling of wellness and comfort.

Massage, Beauty Therapies & Treatments


Rejuvenating Face Massage

Benefit from the purifying and rejuvenating effects of this unique natural “face-lift”. An exclusive blend of facial massage techniques and acupressure points that releases tension in the facial muscles, promoting a youthful appearance as well as benefiting the overall health and relaxation.

Massage, Beauty Therapies & Treatments


Japanese Healing Touch

Reiki is a Japanese gentle and natural method of energy healing. It employs very light touch to help the client completely relax and release physical blockages. Reiki promotes good health through the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Reiki is especially effective for those who feel especially sensitive to touch and seek deep relaxation and enhanced life-force energy.